This program is being introduced to enhance and uplift the ability of the student to attend and finish the schooling without the hardship, with the help of GMAA community members, (It may be the Board members, community members or any other non-GMAA member donors), which will be called Sponsor.

Sponsor needs to give the name or names of the Student to whom he or she wanted to sponsor and take full responsibility of the financial support and time line how long will be supported. In order to sponsor a said student, Sponsor must provide authenticity information of Student:

The detailed information of the Student, Type of the School, Starting date of the school, Information of the School, Registered Office address of the school, Name of the Bank, account number, FCRA account information of the institute, or other government regulated financial detailed information to help student legally, Name and telephone numbers of the officers involved.

All the information given to GMAA must be legal and must abide with the laws of State of Gujarat and India,

The Sponsoring person must provide, proper amount he or she wanted to help to the sponsored student.